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What if you could have a guaranteed amount deposited into your bank monthly? And this amount was agreed upon before you signed up??

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Beware of these Credit Card Practices

If you see any of these on your Merchant Statement call Paramount TODAY!!

  • PCI Compliance or Non Compliance fees being billed
  • Annual fees being billed
  • Discover Access fees, 24 Hour deposit fees, or Club Fees being billed
  • Not giving you a % back when you do a return or refund on a customerís card
  • Card Types are not listed out with volume. Statement if vague.
  • Rates are not listed out fully
  • Some card types, when on tiered pricing, qualify at a higher tier based on the processorís requirements
  • Statements show fees billed for 2 months ago, then list out fees to be expected for previous month, that are not complete. Then those fees are taken out in the current month of processing.
  • Open Ended Contracts, No Contracts. Means you are not contracted to your rates.
  • Contract forms are branded with the Sales Organization Name rather than with the direct processorís name

1.        TOTAL PAYMENTS: Monthly ACH rebate deposits will be for the exact amount listed on this agreement and no more. The initiation and continuation of the rebate is conditional on completion of a full monthís credit card processing with PPS or with an affiliated merchant service provider represented by PPS.

2.        REQUIREMENT OF PROCESSING: Principal agrees that in order to receive the full ACH rebate, the Principalís place of business must be actively processing all credit card transactions at the merchantís listed business with PPS or with an affiliated merchant service provider represented by PPS.

3.        MINIMUM REQUIRED PROCESSING VOLUME: The monthly ACH rebate will be guaranteed in full only if the above listed Minimum qualified bank card volume is met within a calendar monthís processing time frame.

4.        QUALIFIED BANKCARD VOLUME: Qualified Bankcard Volume consists of net processed Visa credit, Visa offline signature based debit, MasterCard credit, MasterCard offline signature based debit, Discover Card credit, and Discover Card offline signature based debit. American Express, Diners, EBT, Wright Express, Voyager, Fuel Man, Fuel One, and PIN Debit transaction volumes do not contribute to nor meet the requirements of the Qualified Bankcard Volume.

5.        FAILURE TO MEET MINIMUM REQUIRED PROCESSING VOLUME: In the event that a merchantís monthly qualifying Bankcard volume does not meet the minimum requirement, an ACH debit will be made in direct correlation to the lower volume processed. EXAMPLE: $10,000 Qualified Bankcard Volume = $20.00 rebate, if only $5,000 was processed in a month, a $10.00 debit would be made to the principalís bank account. This will be a temporary adjustment only for the month of processing that did not meet the minimum requirements. In the event that a merchantís minimum qualified processing volume is not met within 3 consecutive months, a permanent adjustment to the ongoing Rebate amount may be set forth based on the average qualified volume of the 3 months affecting the adjustment. Reviews resulting in ACH debits will be completed after each calendar quarter.

6.        TERMINATION: PPS may terminate this contract should a merchant be found to be splitting their businessí credit card processing volume with PPS and any other provider not associated with PPS. If a merchantís processing account with PPS or with an affiliated merchant service provider represented by PPS goes dormant with no activity or if the merchant terminates the processing agreement, this rebate contract will be null and void for all parties mentioned herewith.

7.        ASSIGNMENT: PPS may sell, transfer, or assign this Rebate Agreement, but agrees to notify the principal at time of change of ownership. In the future event that ACH access is unobtainable by PPS, PPS may resort to mailed check rebates or monthly equivalent fee adjustments and/or credits to the merchants active credit card processing account in current standing with PPS or with an affiliated merchant service provider represented by PPS.

8.        REPRESENTATION: This is an agreement entered into by the Principal and/or Listed Business and PPS only. Any PPS affiliated vendor will and shall not be held responsible for this promotion or agreement.

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