Take Checks Without Worry!!

Guarantee all checks you accept against bouncing!

Don’t limit ways you accept payment. Limit the RISK!

1.         Remove the “NO CHECKS” policy from your business. By accepting checks you will widen your customer base.

2.         65% of consumers still carry a check book with them.

3.         Guarantee every check you accept against bouncing and guarantee more sales.

·                                 Guarantees all states, Canada and U.S. Territories checks

·                                 Highest approvals in the industry

·                                 Industry specific premium options

·                                 Business and personal check approvals


Paramount Payment Systems will show you how you can increase your payment options while decreasing your risk!

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Check Processing and Guarantee

Accept Checks at Your Business Today Diverse payment choices are important for your customers and are very important to stay ahead in the marketplace today. An important way to increase revenue at your business is the accept checks. This is one of the most preferred non-cash payment types today. Limiting your check acceptance also means limiting your customer base. Paramount Payment Systems offers two different solutions for you to accept and process checks at your business limiting your risk. These two options are:


Full Check Guarantee This option allows you to accept checks at your business without worry. For a small percentage of your check (ranging anywhere from 0.50%-2.00% depending on your industry type), you can have a check guaranteed to fund, even if it bounces! The check guarantee option includes the following:

·                                 Guarantee on checks from all over the U.S. including Canada and U.S. territories

·                                 Highest approvals in the industry

·                                 Terminal, phone, and internet approval systems

·                                 24/7/365 customer service at no additional expense

·                                 State-of-the-art authorization technology

·                                 Premium programs for additional coverage

·                                 Industry specific premium options

·                                 Approval on Business checks, not just personal checks

·                                 Option to implement electronic check conversion


Option 2

Check Verification This option is for businesses that want to minimize time put in to reconciling, calculating, and physically taking checks to the bank. This option gives a verification of the check writer’s checking account status rather than a guarantee on the funds written. The verification option is billed to you at a flat rate monthly. This will allow you to electronically send your checks to your bank account using a check imager that can be provided. If a check bounces, we will automatically collect on the check for you and payout 70% on collected funds. This option also includes:

·                                 State-of-the-art technology in verification and transmittal of funds

·                                 95% recovery rate on bounced checks.

·                                 Terminal approval systems will be provided

·                                 24/7/365 customer service at no additional expense

·                                 Premium programs for additional coverage

·                                 Industry specific premium options

·                                 Verification on Business checks, not just personal checks

·                                 Solutions available to implement an automated-pay option to a website

·   Training, supplies, and account information are always available and free of charge. You are in business to make sales, not to collect on unpaid checks.

Electronic Check Conversion

Electronic check conversion is the main staple of the Check Verification program but is also an option to add on to Full Check Guarantee. This makes taking checks as fast as taking credit cards. With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed and automatically deposited the merchant’s bank account. This service will automate the check process, expedite funds availability, and will reduce bank charges. This takes away the need to fill out daily deposit slips and travel to the bank. This also eliminates the chance of loss from robbery since store personnel will process checks at the end of each business day along with credit cards through the same terminal. This allows for consolidation of funds for multi-location businesses. And, of course, no time is wasted in long lines at the bank.

Recurring Billing

Implementing a recurring billing service provides convenience to you and your customers. Our service not only enables you to process single payments from your customers, but also recurring payments according to a pre-set weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly billing schedule. Membership fees, monthly dues, and many other recurring check payments can be easily processed and automatically deposited to your business account with this service in place. Utilizing this function in your business would create better customer service, reduce billing errors and invoice costs, help you to calculate revenue, and create fewer trips to the bank. It is very easy to get started, create schedules, and check account activity online.

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